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Corporate Governance and Compliance Update - Gatal Gazette - Issue 11 – April 2023


Our Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions & What’s New In 2022. Gatal Gazette - Issue 9 – Spring 2022

I have always had a keen interest in old English literature and recent events in Gatal have reminded me of my Leaving Certificate days when both Shakespeare and a mid-Nineteenth century play were referenced on client calls when advising on executing documents on behalf of Irish companies and whether or not they can be ink or electronically signed.

Company Secretarial Update The aim of the Summer 2020 issue of the Gatal Gazette is to bring you up to date with recent developments in the Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance areas that you may have missed during the last few months and to inform you of new compliance related changes that are due to be implemented in the coming months.

Covid-19 -v- CoSec-20 The Spring 2020 Issue of the Gatal Gazette is dedicated entirely to how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the Company Secretarial Practice (“CoSec”) and Corporate Governance fields in Ireland this year, how it is changing our working practices and what we are doing to assist the Directors and Stakeholders of Irish companies during this pandemic.

Gatal - The Corporate Services Provider. Who we are & What we do

The A - Z of the Register of Beneficial Owners. With the Register of Beneficial Owners (RBO) filing deadline with the Central Register fast approaching, this issue of the Gatal Gazette looks at the complete A-Z of everything you need to know to ensure your Company remains compliant.

This issue of the Gatal Gazette is dedicated entirely to the Register of Beneficial Owners Central Register regulations introduced recently that affect all Irish incorporated companies. Directors and stakeholders of Irish companies will be hearing a lot about this subject in the coming months and our aim with this article is to highlight the main areas that you need to be familiar with under the principle of the 5 W’s, widely attributed to the writings of Aristotle, namely, Why? Who? What? When? and Where?

All Irish companies are required to have at least one board member that is tax resident in one of the 27 European Economic Area countries. There are two exceptions - this requirement does not apply to any company that for the time being holds an appropriate insurance bond or a Section 140 real and continuous economic link certificate.